What to expect

Making the decision to see a psychologist takes courage.
We understand that you may be a little nervous and we’ll do whatever we can to help you feel at ease. If you have any concerns or questions beforehand, chatting with us over the phone is a good option.
To save time, we’ll ask you to complete some brief forms before the first appointment. Doing so will ensure that sessions stay focused on what matters most to you.
From the beginning, we’ll work together to make sense of what is bothering you and create a clear path forward. This path will be unique for each person, while remaining grounded in principles of best practice. The path will also be understandable, flexible and reflect your aspirations as a person. 
You can expect your psychologist to listen to you, accept you, and treat you with respect. You can also expect your psychologist to gently highlight things you might not have considered, and to inspire you along the journey. The terrain is not always easy but there is no possibility of failure. Your psychologist is on your side and will always encourage you to achieve your goals.